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I’m an Entrepreneur Activist.  I’m convinced entrepreneurs are our Economy Heroes (@EconomyHeroes) and America’s competitive advantage in the world economy.  I help run a company called Inc. Navigator ( that is committed to equipping CEOs and Inner Circles with the unique, organic intel to maneuver or and make critical decisions on a regular basis.  We have a unique tool that helps Starters regain control and scale their business.  It’s called The Benchmark Button ( I agree with this recent article in the Wall Street Journal:

Now, even though the economy is slowly picking up, those fresh habits aren’t fading. “This downturn has changed the way we will think about our business for many years to come,” says Steve Odland, Office Depot’s chairman and chief executive.

Walt Shill, head of the North American management consulting practice for Accenture Ltd., is even more blunt: “Strategy, as we knew it, is dead,” he contends. “Corporate clients decided that increased flexibility and accelerated decision making are much more important than simply predicting the future.”

Strategic Plans Lose Favor, Wall Street Journal 1.25.10

I’ve worked with over 500 CEOs of emerging companies, and I’m amazed how many cannot embrace the brutal facts of the rate of business failure in this country (over 90%), and instead have the attitude, which a young Rock-Star CEO recently stated to me, “I don’t scare that easy!”

Thus this blog was born. I love Entrepreneurs and I nurture a passion to move the needle of their success.  Join me!


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