We live in a New Normal era of strategy and decision making…

Now, even though the economy is slowly picking up, those fresh habits aren’t fading. “This downturn has changed the way we will think about our business for many years to come,” says Steve Odland, Office Depot’s chairman and chief executive.

Walt Shill, head of the North American management consulting practice for Accenture Ltd., is even more blunt: “Strategy, as we knew it, is dead,” he contends. “Corporate clients decided that increased flexibility and accelerated decision making are much more important than simply predicting the future.”

Strategic Plans Lose Favor, Wall Street Journal 1.25.10

I’ve worked with over 500 companies during the past twelve months to identify essential questions that must be answered in order for CEOs to succeed.  CEOs need a shortcut to drive alignment with their team on the right priorities and maintain maneuverability based on customized information.  Learn the answers to these critical questions:

  • How misaligned is my leadership team on critical issues?
  • Is the company building wealth and generating an adequate ROI?
  • How does my company’s financial metrics compare (Revenue, Gross Margin and EBITDA) with the fastest growing companies in America?
  • What are the 3-5 non negotiable priorities, voted by management to serve as the basis for quarterly scorecard reporting?

If the idea of obtaining unique information on a regular basis that would cause your competitors to salivate – check out or call 407.448.9477

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